Ultimate Guide to Signs that Your Desire is Manifesting

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You know what you want to manifest. You’ve gotten as clear as you can. All you have left to do is to receive what you want. But it can seem like you’re waiting forever unless you know the signs that your desire is manifesting with the Law of Attraction.

This guide to signs that your desire is manifesting was created to take the guess work out of the Law of Attraction for you. Now you can tell if the Law of Attraction is working. Eliminate all stress and worry as you learn to read the signs of manifesting from the Universe.

When you’re first learning the signs that your desire is manifesting, the messages can seem subtle. But with practice, you’ll be able to recognize them easily.

Sometimes you’ll just have a feeling that it’s working. You just know that it’s yours. For example, let’s say you wanted to manifest a new camera. You research exactly what kind of camera you would like. You go to a store where you can touch it, try it out, learn everything you can about it. You figure out all the details and give your order to the Universe. You just know without a doubt that you’re getting a new camera. You know it so deeply that it’s as if you already have it.

You start seeing cameras everywhere, especially the camera you want. People are taking photographs. There are camera ads in newspapers and magazines. TV shows have cameras.

You hear people talking about cameras. They’re having conversations about cameras at work, in restaurants, at school…the conversations just seem to pop up at random wherever you go.

Why do cameras seem to be following you around???

Because you’re receiving signs that your desire is manifesting!

Each time something happens, your job is to affirm your desire – “Yes, that’s what I want.” “Yes, that’s mine. It has my name on it.”

And if at any time you see or hear something that doesn’t quite match the camera you want, take it as a sign from the Universe asking you if you’re sure that’s what you want. Would something else be even better?

When that happens, you have two options.

    1. Reaffirm what you want… “Oooh, that’s a nice blue camera, but I’m glad mine is black.”
    2. Opt for the new choice… “Ooooh, that camera has an even better lens. I’m so glad I have that lens.”

I hope you were paying attention because we just covered 3 signs that your desire is manifesting – feeling, seeing and hearing.

Many people think that excitement is a sign that your desire is manifesting. It’s NOT!

It’s normal to feel excitement when you first start manifesting something, but excitement is a vibrational energy that can cause you to feel really high and then feel really low when it wears off. Once that happens doubts start to crop up, and you usually begin wondering if the Law of Attraction is working – clearly a Law of Attraction sign that your desire is not manifesting.

Excitement isn’t permanent. Please remember this!

Instead you’re looking for a feeling of wholeness, contentment…oneness. These are signs that your desire is manifesting.

Yes, we’re back to the sign of feeling, but it’s really an expansion on the feeling I was discussing above… It’s really important that you understand this.

A successful manifestation is an ordinary event. It’s one where yes, you’re happy and grateful it happened, but it isn’t a big deal. It really feels like the next logical step.

Think of all the things you’ve manifested throughout your life. Hasn’t it seemed like it was meant to be? It was just an ordinary part of your day. It was something that you expected just as you expect to wake up every morning.

You just accepted it as fact because it was already a part of your reality.

The feeling of excitement comes from the thought that you’re doing the impossible. You’re creating a fantasy. You aren’t living in a reality in which you already HAVE your manifestation.

You can’t pretend you don’t feel excited about something, just as you can’t pretend that something is already yours.

It is or it isn’t.

You’re one with it or not.

You always start from the point of excitement, but the key is to transition to a place where it doesn’t seem like a big deal.

When you reach that point, you have the strongest sign that your desire is manifesting.

It’s the place where you have the least resistance and the greatest allowing.

To reach the stage where the sign that your desire is manifesting is strongest, make peace with the outcome. Don’t fret over what does or doesn’t happen. Be okay with whatever happens.

Try meditation to calm your mind.

Exercise to work off the excited energy.

Do something completely unrelated to take your mind off your desire.

Practice feeling gratitude for everything in your life.

Laugh, have fun and play.

Enjoy the signs that your desire is manifesting. The Universe is constantly sending you messages, but the strongest always comes from within you.

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  1. J says

    Here lately I have been having vivid dreams about my manifestation. Could I take that as a sign?

  2. Sonya says

    So, if I am manifesting going back with my ex, and suddenly I start seeing people wearing the type of clothing he uses at work and on top of that commercial ads related to his profession, those could be signs?

    • Elizabeth says

      Hi Sonya – It could be a sign. If you’re ever uncertain, you can always ask for clear, easy-to-understand signs.

      • Logan says

        Hi, I’m glad i came across your site, and this specific article! I’d been seeing AND hearing this person’s name everywhere, (literally everywhere), every minute of the day, to the point where it becomes overwhelming (in a good way). I was told that this is not a sign, just something called “Synchronicity.” I don’t believe that at all, however. I do believe, as you stated here, that this is a CLEAR sign of manifestation. Because my thoughts around this were shot down, doubt began to creep in. I want to know if there is a sure fire way to get back on the bandwagon of believing the signs. Or, is it just as simple as simply believing again?

    • Heather Ferreira says

      I would be careful of this. An ex of mine was preceded by signs like my finding a ring next to my car and a bright pink purse in my favorite store with the words “Keep Him”. I believed the signs and “kept” him… he turned out to be one of the worst people I ever met. The Law of Attraction may work on some things, but I no longer believe they do on relationships – because of free will. The other person always has the right to choose. If they choose to say no, the LOA cannot manifest a relationship with them for you. Often someone kind of like them will be provided instead. So be very careful when it comes to blindly trusting signs.

      • Jay says

        I disagree with what you wrote about free will, etc. It completely goes against what we know from Quantum Physics. It isn’t about making a person feel a certain way or be in a relationship with you. It’s about being aligned with a reality where you are in the relationship you want to have with this person. Elizabeth explains it better in her book. But if your person became so bad…with LOA we create everything about our lives, so just because you created a bad experience, it doesn’t mean others will. There are so many stories of people breaking up and getting back together and staying together happily that there’s proof not everyone has bad experiences or needs to be careful. I understand that’s your reality and your beliefs, but I prefer to be positive and expect the best. It allows good things to happen for me.

  3. Reggie says

    So I’ve been seeing the make and model of my desired ex’s kinda unique car like everywhere. Does that count as a sign too?

    • Elizabeth says

      It may be a sign. If you’re ever uncertain, ask for clear, easy-to-understand signs.

  4. Megan says

    Is this a sign that my desire is manifesting when I think about my desire I become really happy and confident.I also see my fictional characters names everywhere

    • Elizabeth says

      It may be. As I’ve told everyone else, if you aren’t sure, you can always ask for clear, easy-to-understand signs.

  5. Adonijah says

    Firstly Thank you for articles regarding the “Law of Attraction”. I have read through many of them found here and have been clicking on the blue-highlghted hyperlinks just to find out a bit more info on the selected topics.

    I found this article really interesting because everyone wants to know if theyre doing things right, and if the “signs” really are signs or just figments of our imagination.

    I have used the law of attraction for many things in my life, which has proven to me that it works…WITHOUT FAIL! This time I had taken the step to persue a relationship.
    I have always been a single man, by my own volition if i can add. I had always preferred to live my life without any committments and to have fun, travel, meet people, party without having to be tied down to a relationship.
    After living my life for a bit, ive decided that now’s the time to settle down and find that particular someone.

    While I was holiday I had met someone who I begun to fancy. This male though ( to my knowledge ) isnt either openly bi-sexual or gay. Despite not knowing his sexual orientation, we both hit it off real good. We shared an evident chemistry and we are still good friends. I decided to move countries to have better oppourtunities, leaving NZ to go to Australia. He lives in Australia and I thought that since im making the big move, I might as well have a partner to settle with as well while I’m there…..eventually.

    You spoke about “attracting a specified person” in some other article, so Ive decided to bring him into my life as a more secure partner instead of a friend. I have read through your articles and each have really helped me to understand the power thats within me and the “right” way to do things.

    Because Ive used the law of attraction before, I really realated to what you said in this article ….”act as if it isnt a big deal”. It really helped me when I believed I already had it, so when I got it I wasnt at all surprised or perplexed, but more overjoyed that It had finally come, although never doubting that it wasnt going to come.

    Overall, after my much detailed story I just want to say again THANKS for all your time that you have put into helping others realise their potential. You have encouraged me, and assisted me in my journey to becoming a complete male in the wholistic sense.

    Bless you.

    • Elizabeth says

      Thank you Adonijah! I’m so grateful that you shared this. I’m glad I’ve been able to assist you in your journey. I wish you much joy in all the wonderful manifestations coming your way!

  6. Crandall says

    A woman I wish to have a relationship with tried to send me additional pictures of her a month ago, however for some reason I could not receive the pictures….this woman is currently in a relationship with someone she has questions, doubts, worries, fear etc. about. Though things between us seem to have died down in terms of communication, after which I started imagining myself living a life with her for hours and feeling powerful emotions. Last couple days I’ve just kind of let go of her…..but something interesting happened I just received the pictures she sent me sept 14, 2013…it is now oct 13, 2013…..
    they finally came through and she so beautiful, all this does is make me wish we could date….at the same time I’m detached though and thought to myself just being grateful I received the pictures….would you say this is a sign….the two options you listed resonated with me, as it seems that’s where I’m at…between having a relationship with this woman in the future or letting the universe pick someone best for me….

  7. Kiwi says

    I am currently manifesting getting my ex back, i asked one day to see a bird if he was comming back to me, and i did and now i always see an abnormal amount of birds, and i asked to see a spider and now i see spiders everywhere. I dream constantly about us being together and see his name and car make everywhere too, are these all signs that my manifestion is nearly here?

    • Elizabeth says

      You asked for signs and you received the signs you wanted. I think you already know you received signs that your desire is manifesting. :)

      • Kiwi says

        I have been manifesting for two months.. How long will it take for it to come? I tried me asking for it on specific days and i just believed that the universe has got a different day in mind. I love my ex with all my heart and know we belong together, i cant wait to have him back in my arms as mine again x

  8. Xx says

    I am trying to attract my ex back. I asked for him to be my husband. At first I was seeing signs that reminded me of him everywhere. Then I saw signs of marriage (and sill do occasionally) but it is less than before. Ironically I finally feel more assured that I can manifest this but I see less signs. What does this mean? Am I doing something wrong?

  9. Jane says

    I felt quite down today and was asking for a sign for “Why does he keep contacting me every day asking how I am even though doesn’t love me anymore and doesn’t want to be in a relationship”?

    I then in about 30 mins came across a picture online by accident saying

    “The man who can go a day without checking how you are, isn’t your man”

    Can this be a sign?

    I also seen him proposing to me last night in my dream, it was very real.

      • Jane says

        Yes, I have asked for clearer signs this morning and one of my friends told me in the text message that he’s working on a tv advert for the same company the Ex started to manage last month. So I have seen that one name. I guess it could be a sign too…

  10. Melissa says

    I’ve been trying to manifest a financial dream, a lottery win, since the spring. I picked a set of numbers and have played them for months. I had the excitement at first, but then it would wear off, like a “come-down”. So, I get exactly what you’re saying. I’ve stuck with it, I’ve looked at the lot I want to build my house on, test drove a car, and made lists with family and friends that I will help, with specific amounts. I felt so close for months. In the past couple of months, this excitement has waned and has transitioned to a “knowing”. I KNOW it is coming, it is happening.

    I had a dream a month or so ago and it was interrupted by my angel’s/guide’s voice telling me to go and buy a quickpick for the following wednesday’s powerball drawing. I did not win that drawing, but I have added those numbers to the numbers I play regularly. Against all odds, that powerball number has come up a few times in a few weeks. I have won money every single drawing since I bought that quickpick and played those numbers. This has helped me feel that yes, I will win, because that’s what happens, because it’s been happening.

    Recently as last week, my husband and I had devastating financial problems occur and I prayed for a miracle. Along with the lottery numbers I have written on a sheet of paper under my pillow, I wrote the word “miracle” next to the lottery numbers. We need the miracle. Since then, I have seen and heard the words “miracle” every where I go. Last night, in the grocery store, I saw a book sitting in a wrong place on a store shelf and it said “Miracle – God’s Presence in Our Lives”. To me, this was the ultimate sign that our miracle is manifesting and it is just a matter of time.

    I just want to add that this very calm sense of knowing has made its way into my dream life. During dreams, I either say something about a miracle or someone else says it to me. It is repeated over and over again. My husband is even having the same dreams I am, of going back to our hometown and helping friends and family with lottery money, just like we will do when we win. So, my question is, it dreaming of it in that way, with the exact words being used, in the situation we are visualizing, the last and ultimate sign it is manifesting?

    • Elizabeth says

      It could be a sign. If you aren’t sure, ask for a specific sign that would represent that to you.

    • Elizabeth says

      You just ask for one. You can say, “Universe give me a clear sign that I should do X.” “Universe, if this is going to happen, show me a pink rabbit.” It’s that simple.

  11. JP says

    I have got to share this. I read this article and the comments talking about signs. I decided to ask to see a butterfly real or picture if my desire is manifesting.
    Within a few mins, I saw a pic that had a butterfly. WOW! I was thanking inside my thoughts. I saw a few more pics with butterflies. Around 5 pics in less than 10 mins.
    I am thinking awesome! This is great, I am open to seeing more. Funny thing, I saw another one right after that.

    • Elizabeth says

      As I’ve explained in other comments previously, it doesn’t matter. There’s no special phrase. You just ask for a sign. You can say, “Universe give me a clear sign that I should do X.” “Universe, if this is going to happen, show me a pink rabbit.” It’s that simple.

  12. JP says

    I posted above about asking and receiving butterfly images as a sign. I am still seeing butterflies quite often. Sometimes it happens out of nowhere, other times I have said I am open to more butterflies, etc. I have also been seeing LOTS of pics of happy couples and such.
    I see that as another sign that my desire is manifesting. I was wondering I always say thank you and that I am grateful that my relationship is manifesting the way I want it to.
    Is that how a person should react to a sign? Or just say Thank you? If I just say Thank you does the Universe know what I am thanking it for?

      • JP says

        Thank you. Do you just say “Thank you”? Or do you add in information relating to your desire? I guess what I mean is do you have to word your gratitude in a certain way?
        Thank you again.

  13. Shaun says


    I just happened to Google this phrase in the search box “sign of manifesting” and your website http://www.applythelawofattraction.com came right up within the first few results.

    So I red your article on knowing signs and thanking the universe for showing us signs (the universe to me is God himself) and saw some comments on attracting what you desire and wants.

    After I red the comments I had wanted to leave my own comment to tell you I’ve also been seeing signs as well. Here’s what I mean: I’ve been applying the LOA to a particular car I want for myself.

    The type of model, make and color. Usually everywhere I go, I see this car either driving by or coming up to a red light as I cross the street going to take care of my day. So I’m thinking to myself “Wow are these actual signs from GOD himself”?

    Then I also been trying to manifest a certain amount of Money that I really need. The numbers start with a $30, so again, every where I go I keep seeing the number 30. For example, again walking minding my own business, I would see the speed limit in my city was 30.

    Then happen to notice on my computer screen, the lower right corner, is the date and time on the taskbar. The time usually reads like 10:30 or 11:30. It just so happens that I looked at my real clock in my room and either see the number 30 or I even notice the sequence of 11:11, lol :o)

    Some times I could be reading a book or magazine, or hearing strangers talk and they either mentioned the number 30, as to say “I’ll meet you in 30 minutes”, or my mother may tell me “hey shaun, let me take $30.oo from you and I’ll pay you back”. LOL!

    WOW, I ve been seeing signs all over the place, my only concern is just when will I manifest what I desire. But I was told not to worry about “the how”, just allow it to happen. But I do want a clearer understanding or prove that what I’ve been manifesting and paying close attention too, will come!

    Please reply back if you can

    Shaun :o)

  14. Gavin says

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Hope you’re doing well ?
    Love your site and all your articles on this.

    I have asked for 2 things from the universe-
    1 to come into millions of euro and 2 to get my dream car.
    I have had the feeling the something is manifesting or in the works for this to happen regarding the car and since I have asked for my dream car I have seen loads of the car almost every day,in fact in the space of 30 mins today I saw 9 of them ! it’s a unique model so wouldn’t be that common.

    The thing is there doesn’t seem to be any sign of the money manifesting as I had 3 opportunities to get what I asked for over the last week and nothing happened so I don’t know what’s wrong here ?

    You say there’s 3 things to know it’s manifesting,1 is the feeling,2 is seeing it and the 3rd is hearing about it but so far I just have the feeling and seeing regarding my car but I have heard nothing about it.So does this mean that it isn’t manifesting until I start to hear things about the car ?

    Does the same apply to the money I asked for ?


  15. Lara says

    Hi Elizabeth
    After reading this article i asked universe a special sign in 24 hours if my desire (a job)is manifesting,but nothing :( .
    What it means? I should correct my method?

  16. Pamela says

    I first starting trying to use the law of attraction for a specific person almost 1 year ago. When I started, if someone told me it would take me this long to get to where I am today, haha, I would of gotten frustrated and felt powerless! :) But, today, I am grateful and calm. Last night, I was feeling resistance for the first time in a long time, and started thinking deeply about it’s source. I have been making so much progress, so it really confused me. I realized that I was worried that I could not make my love happy, that I was being selfish by trying to be with him, but could not bring him the happiness he deserves. I THEN realized that such a concern is a sign of truly loving someone, and that I would rather him be with someone else who DOES make him happy, then know that I am holding him back. I realized that although I spent so much time missing him and feeling like something was wrong in my life because he wasn’t in it…after everything I’ve been through in the last year, I would be *okay* if we were not together, as long as I knew he was happy. I still want to be with him, but I am more calm about asking for it, and feel less excitement. I even feel like if something happens between us very soon, it will feel natural and not like a huge surprise…

    I read your above article before but wanted to reread it, because I think what I described is the sign that my desire is manifesting. But, I am not impatient and excited like before. I feel whole and calm.


  17. Gianna says

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I read a lot of comments here about signs and dreams and I wanted to add mine as well concerning that specific person.. First, I had a dream he proposed to me before we even met, and i have never seen a dream like that before in my life. Second, a year later i prayed to God for guidance and the same night I saw God’s hand blessing us ( this is not a joke – no matter how hard it seems) .. and God has not appeared in my life before that either… and the icing on the cake is that i was throwing away old diaries and came across something i wrote in 2008..i had a dream i was with the man of my dreams, in Athens (his city) which is a place I never visited before, btw–we were crazy in love and the second time around. This time i was a different woman, sweet, loving and confident. And i wrote at the end ” i have to believe that all my dreams will be reality and I have to act already that everything has been given to me.” I was talking about LOA back then!!! these are my signs…
    Did I still have doubts about all that?? you bet I did, because this was how insecure i was…but I am a different woman now and I keep the FAITH..
    Thank you for allowing me share this.

  18. vicky says

    Hi I am manifesting a soulmate every night I visualise him being here and we are falling asleep together after a few nights of doing this I actually dreamt he was there. Is this a sign? I don worry about the outcome and my life is happy as it is so am I on the right track?

  19. Patty says

    Is it possible to attract someone to your life even when you lost contact and haven’t heard from that person in years using the law of attraction?

  20. jess says

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I’ve been using the LOA to get my ex back for almost a month now. I realize that i’ve been using the LOA wrongly, i would ask, visualize every night and write affirmations but i always find myself too attach to the outcome. I’ve read success stories about others , manifesting their ex back on the day they wrote in their gratitude journal. I’ve also read one of your success stories about believing that you will move out on a specific date (dec 19) and you really did.

    My question is, how do you set a date and still detach yourself from the outcome?

    People tell me that my ex will come back to me but not anytime soon but i know better.

    2 years ago, i told the universe what i wanted as a soulmate and the universe brought me my ex.
    He is everything that i ever wanted and i love him with all my heart, I realized that all my negative thoughts and action pushed him away really fast. I believe that i can manifest my ex back fast too.

    Few days ago, my friend started mentioning his name ALOT. can this be a sign that my desire is manifesting?

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