What is Quantum Jumping and how can it Change Your Life?


Does Quantum Jumping work? Burt Goldman, the American Monk, discovered how to harness the power of this meditation technique that taps into your subconscious mind. He developed it to be a better painter and ended up an award-winning painter.

World leading scientists and quantum physicists have theorized that alternative universes exist. In each universe exists another version of you. You can be anything – a world class athlete, a princess, a corporate executive, or a stay-at-home mom.

Quantum Jumping is based on this idea that multiple universes exist. Many decades ago, Burt Goldman thought to himself, “If there are other versions of me out there doing what I want to do, living the life I want to live, what would happen if I could contact them and learn what they know? What if I used their knowledge and experience to transform my own life?”

That was how Quantum Jumping began. Burt created a visualization and meditation technique that allowed him to meet his alternate selves. He spoke to them and learned from them, gaining from their skills and experiences. They helped him to become a published author, an award-winning painter, and more.

Burt claims that he can teach anyone to meet and speak with their alternate selves through his unique meditation and visualization technique. It’s a simple technique that allows you to go to alternative universes in your mind. It is Quantum Jumping.

You can pick which alternate self you visit based upon what your needs are – learn how to tango, learn to speak French, write a successful business plan, lose weight, have more money, find your soulmate… The possibilities are endless.

This technique might sound hard to believe, but it’s actually based on Napoleon Hill’s famous “Boardroom Technique” – used by Napoleon Hill to transform his life and the lives of thousands. Where Napoleon Hill had other people mentor you in your mental boardroom, Burt Goldman has you learn directly from yourself, a self that knows exactly what you need to do in order to have the success you want because this you has already been there, done that.

Does Quantum Jumping work?

Each time I used Quantum Jumping, I did get some new ideas about how to achieve our goals that I never thought of before. When I spoke to an alternate self, my doppelganger was so full of faith and confidence in my ability to be successful, I couldn’t help but feel motivated and inspired to follow the advice.

I didn’t transform my life overnight with Quantum Jumping, but I did notice some paths open up and results speed up.

Quantum Jumping is a meditation and visualization technique. It is not a magic pill that will suddenly cause you to wake up in another world where everything is different. You still have to follow the advice of your alternate self. You have to take some action, but if you do that…you can benefit from jumping into another reality.

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