How to Manifest from the Heart

how to manifest from the heart

Understanding how to manifest from the heart is one of the secrets to making the Law of Attraction work every time. Of course, things like belief and visualization are important components of the Law of Attraction, but it’s when you start manifesting from the heart that you really begin to see results.

You see, relying on visualization, belief, affirmations, and positive thoughts uses only one type of manifesting energy – mind energy. While it is possible to manifest simply with the power of your mind, it’s so much easier and faster to manifest with heart energy.

When you tap into heart energy, you automatically line up all the mental elements of the Law of Attraction.

You automatically think positive thoughts.

You automatically believe you will manifest your desire without any doubt whatsoever.

You automatically open yourself to receiving your desire.

All the things you struggle to do on a daily basis with mind energy happen naturally when you know how to manifest from the heart.

There is no struggle. There is no resistance. There is no doubt.

That’s the power of heart energy. It’s an all-consuming energy that makes life easier, smooths over any obstacles, and open doors to possibility. It takes care of all of the details so you don’t have to do anything but enjoy the ride.

Using heart energy is aligning with the Universe. It’s true oneness with potential – the potential to be, do and have anything.

When you know how to manifest from the heart, you know how to tap into the energy that truly has the power to move mountains – it knows no limits.

Yet very few people know how to manifest from the heart and even fewer teach it.

It isn’t that manifesting from the heart is hard.

It’s that it involves going beyond what you see and going within, to that quiet place inside of you. It requires you to be brave and willing to let go of control. When you do so, you achieve wholeness, become centered, and find internal peace. You also have the ability to manifest ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

It does take a little time to learn how to manifest from the heart. You have to practice every day at first, but before you know it, it’s as natural as breathing. You will wonder why you ever did it any other way before.

Tapping into Heart Energy

manifesting from the heart

Green circle in center of the chest is the heart chakra. Image created by Gil Dekel.


Just as mind energy is located in your mind, heart energy is located in your heart, or more precisely, in the same area as your heart chakra which lies in the center of your chest (see image on right).

Focus your attention on the center of your chest. Feel the energy and the love there. This is your heart energy.

Imagine your heart energy expanding…spreading throughout your body until every cell is filled with heart energy. Feel the energy radiating throughout you.

See this energy expanding until it surrounds you. Feel it radiating out from you.

You want to practice this every day until it becomes automatic. Even if you only have a few minutes or happen to think of it in passing, reach out and expand your heart energy.

Keep at it and before you know it your heart energy will always be expanded. It’s like a light switch permanently turned on.

How to Manifest from the Heart

Simply doing the tapping into heart energy exercise above will produce changes in your life. You’ll notice good things coming to you effortlessly and your life will change for the better.

But if there is something that you want to specifically manifest, you need to fill it with heart energy.

Picture it being a part of you, surrounded with your heart energy. See it in your heart and filled with love. Become one with it.

It doesn’t matter where it is in the world or even if it’s doesn’t exist yet, simply being at one with your desire and sending heart energy to it will draw it to you like a magnet.

When you use heart energy, you use Universal power to amplify the Law of Attraction and manifest your desire. Manifesting from the heart transforms the Law of Attraction from something you try to do on your own with your mind to something that you create hand-in-hand with the Universe.

When you know how to manifest from the heart, the Law of Attraction is effortless. Your life is magical. Miracles are your destiny.

Update: I would like to address two areas of confusion.

1. Heart energy is not about the chakra system as you know it. Your heart energy stems from the same location as the heart chakra in the diagram above, but it’s about more than just the heart chakra.

Heart energy goes beyond the heart chakra. The heart chakra is involved in heart energy, but it is only a very tiny portion of what makes up heart energy. If you only focus on trying to understand heart energy from the point of view of the heart chakra, you will limit yourself and find it difficult to fully experience or grasp heart energy itself, as well as its ability to accelerate the Law of Attraction.

Yes, we have a lower level heart chakra that has green vibrational energy. We also have a higher level heart chakra that has pink energy.

The image above uses the color green to represent the lower level heart chakra. However, the higher level heart chakra is located in the same area. Most people are familiar with the green heart chakra which is why I used the image. I am referring to heart energy in this article, not the heart chakra, so the color is really insignificant. (Personally, I think knowing where heart energy is centered is the most important thing. Understanding the different chakras, their colors, and so on is another series of articles on its own.)

All the other chakras – the root chakra, the solar plexus, the crown chakra, etc. – these are all completely different topics and are not a part of what I refer to with heart energy and manifesting from the heart. My goal has been to try to break things down into a more simple series of articles that focuses on using heart energy to manifest. My intent is to help you achieve results with the Law of Attraction, not to bog you down in details that may not help.

When I discuss heart energy, I am discussing working with higher level energy. It goes beyond what the majority of people know about manifesting, energy and chakras, and enters into a new field most people are only beginning to learn about.

It is this higher level energy that has the ability to manifest. Heart energy is where true manifesting power is found.

When you begin working with heart energy and tapping into it on a regular basis, it will become a part of your life. You will change. Your thoughts will change, becoming more loving and positive in all areas of your life. Try it for yourself and find out!

2. The oneness I refer to is not about the crown chakra. I am not referring to anything involving the crown chakra or a spiritual awakening where you are connected with God and see God in everything. Hence, my not discussing the crown chakra in this article.

The oneness I refer to is about being connected to your intentions – being at one with what you want to create. Trying to understand oneness with your intention from the point of view of the oneness associated with the crown chakra will only confuse you. These are two separate things – two separate states of oneness if you will.

Please go through this site to gain more understanding about oneness, heart energy, and how to manifest from the heart. Some articles are listed below to get you started.

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  1. rina says

    How can I use Law of Attraction to get a guy to contact me, I keep contacting him, but he now is not responding

  2. J says

    I’m having a hard time sending heart energy to him. What is the best way to do this? And is there a way to do it through hypnosis?

  3. Jules says

    Hi Elizabeth

    Bought your book and read it back to back in a day! I really believe in this and I truly believe I can attract my soulmate back but we work together and things are a bit awkward now. I try to avoid even looking at him which i think bothers him but i want him to miss me and want me back but it’s hard when the person is always around. Any advice or does it not matter we are around each other all the time?


    • Elizabeth says

      Hi Jules,

      It doesn’t matter that you work with him. You don’t have to ignore him or avoid looking at him. You work together, so you’re bound to have to interact with him. Just treat him like any other co-worker. Make sure to have as much fun as possible. Enjoying life is really what the Law of Attraction is all about.

  4. Azura says

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful website, it truly is a spring of knowledge.
    I have a question about Heart Energy, when using it to manifest a specific person, is it important for me to be able to visualize them clearly or is having a general sense of them enough? And can I just direct the energy to them by saying their name, or do I always have to visualize them as a complete whole? I usually imagine a golden stream flowing towards them, but I can’t always picture them clearly, is this Ok? Will they still receive my heart energy?

    Many Thanks

    • Elizabeth says

      Thanks Azura! Don’t worry so much about perfection. You don’t need to visualize them clearly. Also, be careful of using mind energy to “send heart energy.” Mind energy is a thought of projecting something towards a person. Heart energy is a feeling – it’s an allowing of your energy to expand towards the person, the sensation of it reaching them, surrounding them. You can see it as a stream of energy if you wish, but it isn’t something that you do with your mind. It’s something you send with your heart.

      • Azura says

        Thank you Elizabeth,
        I think I understand, I do have a habit of worrying if I am doing it right or a fear that it won’t reach them, which I know is form of resistance that I have to work on. I always focus on expanding the energy from my heart and I do feel different when I do it, I also get a fluttering sensation in the middle of my chest when I practice this.
        I had an experience a few days a go, when I happened to think of the person in passing and suddenly felt my heart “open” automatically, it felt like some energy had been sucked from my heart chakra and headed towards that person. I guess this is the heart energy going where it wanted to go as I wasn’t intending consciously at the time?

        Thank you for your help

        • Elizabeth says

          Hi Azura – A thought in passing directs energy as much as a conscious intention. The energy knew where to go because you gave it a direction.

          • Azura says

            Hi Elizabeth
            Thank you for your help, so I just need to trust that my Heart Energy is flowing and allow it to reach them, rather than thinking too much about the technique I am using and how it will reach them?
            I will read more of your articles on this and hopefully I will have an “aha” moment soon :)


          • Elizabeth says

            Hi Azura – When sending heart energy, you should certainly trust that it’s going towards them. There’s no need to worry about how it will reach them. Just trust that it is reaching them.

  5. helen says

    hi! thank you for this amazing post
    please i want to know how can i use heart energy to change physical appearence (get clearer skin, loosing weight…)?

  6. Jules says

    Dear Elizabeth

    I’ve read your book a number f times, written my list for my perfect relationship, made a vision board and written two visualization a. I must say when I read these I sometimes feel as though my heart will burst. I am certainly happy and deeply believe I will be with my chosen person (bear in mind we work together so we see each other every day). I am always happy knowing that this will happen, even when I know he’s seen other people. I know I make him happier than anyone else and that he sill has feelings for me so there’s no need to be down. How often should I be visualizing though and for how long? Is it ok to visualize different things with him as long as I feel the feelings of being with him?

    We are not back together yet, but I notice little things that tell me he still cares and that he still has feelings. I also notice little changes in him, like an interest jn what I am doing, noticing changes in my appearance/person, and generally just that he is becoming sweeter and gentler and kinder with me. These small positive things keep me going for the end result

    • Elizabeth says

      Hi Jules – It sounds like you’re doing great with the process! You can find the answers to your questions in Chapter 6 of Manifesting Love. It’s okay to visualize different things. It doesn’t matter how long you visualize. Good on you for noticing all the changes!

  7. Jule says

    I have to share this with you! I’ve been applying the techniques for a couple of weeks now. I also have over some of my worries to God and asked Him to give me peace and strength. Tonight, he called me. I left my house keys at work and emailed him to see if he was still there and if my keys were on my desk (didnt need them as i managed to get in but i was paranoid). Anyway he ended up calling me later that night just to see if everything was ok. He has never done this before. The funny thing is I was ready to forget about him earlier in the day! Day. This is such an amazing experience. My faith is stronger than ever and I am so thankful!! I asked for a sign this morning….I am pretty sure this was a sign

  8. kay says

    Awesome read! Manifesting Love gave me the push I had been looking for! Thank you Elizabeth. You are the girlfriend I needed to have in this difficult moment which is made of confusion, questions and high and low emotions. My man broke up but this gives me hope. You hear so many negative things out there all the time, everyone telling you to “move on” (how many times are we supposed to move on actually….) ” Next”, “he wasn’t worth it”, etc…It offers no help and all it does is make you wonder if you were even right to have ever had a relationship with that person in the first place. So thanks. You offer no judgement, just solutions to whomever want a chance at reuniting. :)

    One question though, during this no contact phase you mention, should I block him from Whatsapp for instance (he hasn’ t blocked me yet) or would that appear too childish?

    Best regards, Kay

    • Elizabeth says

      Thanks Kay! I’m so glad my book has helped you. Knowing what actions to take pretty much always boils down to one rule: If it feels good, do it. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.

      If you’re thinking blocking him would appear childish, you might be doing it from a feeling of retaliation which is a form of resistance. It isn’t an inspired action that feels good. If you aren’t sending him messages, you don’t need to worry if he’s blocked or not.

  9. Jule says

    Happy to. I mean I hope I am not reading too much into it and that this truly was a sign. I can’t gauge today because he’s being a tad odd again. But I am thankful for the call and checking if I am ok. I am holding onto my faith that this is just the beginning and will try not to get discouraged and keep the belief going.

  10. Mickey says

    okay so I’m trying to manifest my ex Matt, but like I really don’t know how, I read your book about it, but I still cant grasp it, also we got in a fight a few nights ago and he blocked me on facebook and I’m pretty sure he blocked me from everything else, and like I want him to re add me on facebook, how could I get this to happen? like I truly do love him, and I said some stuff that I shouldn’t have said, I was alittle drunk. but I just want him back, and I don’t know hoe to get him back.

  11. Danceheart says

    I keep reading to “see imagine my desire in my heart”. My love is always in my heart, and I do not want to manifest “him”, but a relationship with him, so I should picture us holding hands or something in my heart? I feel like an abstract visualization of our souls flying and dancing together conveys my feelings better — maybe because I am a dancer, and we’ve held hands and hugged a lot as “friends” in the past. Do you think this is a good thing to “imagine going into my heart”?

    • Elizabeth says

      Try it and see how it resonates with you. If it feels good when you do so, do it. If you don’t like it, then it may not be right for you.

  12. Danceheart says

    I have been using heart energy recently and started receiving some amazing signs that it is working!!! Once I saw the signs, I just knew it was a sign, meant for me. I even told the signs to a friend who was a non-believer and even she thought they were amazing. I feel so different now about my goals, like they are real and not imaginary. I decided to make space in my closet again and it feels like I am preparing for something real and possibly very soon!

  13. Shayan says

    Hi Elizabeth,
    When I meditate to use heart energy, I feel it strongly in my HANDS.
    I feel a strong energy coming in to my body from both hands.
    But when I think about my love, my HEART (not heart chakra!) starts to fill with love! I feel it every time I think about her. Or when she talks to me.
    Are these two energies the heart energy?; The energy in my hands and in my heart.
    Thank you.

    • Elizabeth says

      You can spread heart energy throughout your body. You may be spreading it to your hands.

  14. Jo says

    Hi, I was wondering if there are any other resources/videos on the topic you would recommend to further instill the practice of heart manifesting?

    I have confusion on whether the mind still comes into play with it by proving an image of what we wish to manifest.

    Please shed some light.

    Thank you

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