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Interested in learning how to apply the Law of Attraction? Are you seeking the truth about how to use the secret? Would you like to know how to use the Law of Attraction for love and relationships? Or are you simply interested in manifesting money?

At Apply the Law of Attraction, I give you a common sense approach on how to use the Law of Attraction.

I tell you the simple truth…so you can manifest love and money…and ensure you successfully create what you want in your life.

Dear Friends,

I created this website for you whether you are just learning about the secret Law of Attraction, already use it often with great success, have trouble getting it to work, or are simply interested in learning more about manifesting your desires.

There are hundreds and hundreds of websites with information on manifesting and the Law of Attraction, but they are all commercial websites and give you vague information.

Anyone can read a book or look up information on the Internet and turn it into a website. But I will tell you all about my first hand experiences and adventures with the Law of Attraction.

I know how manifesting works because I use it daily…and have for years. I also have a lot of family and friends that use it. I have many tips to help you use the Law of Attraction for money, love, a new car, you name it…

Whether you want to attract love or cash (I’ve done both), I will make sure you get the information you need. Even if you’re just curious about how the teachings of the Bible are related to the Law of Attraction, I can help you there too.

And if you don’t know the first thing about how to use the Secret, don’t worry because I have all the information you need to manifest your desires. You can make the Law of Attraction work. As you continue reading, you will find what you are looking for.

To help you attract your desires, I provide you with information on:

I also cover important topics that you’re interested in such as speeding up the Law of Attraction so you don’t have to wait for anything to manifest, and how to make the Law of Attraction work. That’s what you’re here for, right?

I’m sharing this information with you.. This website is my hobby. Just relax, read and have fun as you learn more about how the Law of Attraction works so you can create what you want in your life.

Begin by using the categories menu at the right side of this page and look through my website one page at a time.

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Welcome and I hope you find this site on manifesting and the Law of Attraction helpful and valuable. Tell me you do and I’ll consider my work well done. And let me know what else you’d like to see on this website! You’ll help me make sure I’m taking this website in a direction that benefits you the most.

Welcome once again and I hope you enjoy your visit to Apply the Law of Attraction!


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  1. Amrita says

    Hey Elizabeth,

    I remember having posted on this awesome site about 2 months back. I have been delving pretty deep in the LOA and I love every moment of my new life now as the sole deliberate creator of it :) I happened to purchase your book on manifesting love with a specific person and found it absolutely fantastic! I had little specks of doubt prior to reading it in that, “what if it requires me to unlearn some of the LOA stuff that are so in every cell of mine now(I am an absolute admirer of Abraham-Hicks and Neville Goddard ) ” but to my great joy, not only did every word in the book completely resonate with me but I also found some brilliant methods in it like doing visualization the LOA way, sending heart energy, scripting my visualization and the rest. I love the concept of heart energy especially because that largely explains how it is possible to manifest love with the person I desire , and thankfully in spite of having had some not so nice experiences in the past with him, I find it easy to send him all my love. But I do have a question : You say when the heart energy reaches someone , the person can either let it flow right through them or take it in and either way they are touched by it. But in order for them to be drawn back to me , don’t they have to know that it is from me in particular? How does that happen? Also, I think I partly know the answer to this but still would like to reconfirm with you…it doesn’t matter how geographically far he is right? :)

    • Elizabeth says

      Hi Amrita – I’m so glad you enjoyed my book! As for heart energy, we are all energy. Everything that composes us, everything around us – it’s all energy. As energy, we are at one with everything. We don’t need to know who is sending us heart energy on a conscious level to be drawn to it. We know it on a subconscious, energetic level; a level that can resonate with the very essence of who you are. Trust that if you send someone heart energy, they will know it is from you.

      • Shawnee says

        I know for a FACT that this is true. Almost every time i send my boyfriend heart energy, he responds somehow. Example, I could be meditating on our relationship or praying for him…and he will start fidgeting or moving around in his sleep…as if some part of him can FEEL that I am thinking of him. I could pray for him and then get a call or a text a few moments later. It never fails…

      • Patty says

        I met a person while I was having problems with my husband, we started going out and I was really attracted to him, we just wanted to have fun and I asked to please not get feelings involved, it was just for fun, time went by and he started sending flowers and gifts he said it was hard not to get his feeling involved since he liked me so much, I started to feel things for him as well and this is when I desided to stop the relationship, never call him again, changed my number and I haven’t heard from him in about 7 years. Don’t know where to find him since he changed address and no longer have his number, can’t stop thinking about him. Can I use the law of attraction to bring this person back to me?

  2. Mei Yie says

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Hope you are doing well. I would like to ask where could we get your book “Manifesting Love: How to Use the Law of Attraction to Attract a Specific Person, Get Your Ex Back, and Have the Relationship of Your Dreams”. I am really keen to read your book. I have been searching online and various bookstore. Your book is not available in Malaysia and Amazon Asia Pacific. Could you send me a copy? I truly believe that your book is a great encouragement to me. I definitely enjoy reading it. Sincerely appreciate your help. Thank you so much Elizabeth!

  3. Mei Yie says

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I would like to express my gratitude to you as I was managed to buy your book on Amazon. Thanks for writing such a wonderful book and share with us. Life is definitely wonderful! Spreading love around. Believe on our thought and have faith. True? Thank you so much Elizabeth!

  4. pooja says

    hi elizabeth ,

    myself is pooja and i am from india i heared the term LOA from one of my friend but i didn’t believe it at that time but something happened in my life which forced me to believe in it….something happened in my life that broke me from deep inside… i was frustrated ….restless….srt of in depression and suddenly one day while surfing on net a word came to my mind LAW OF ENERGY again and again someone saying it in my ear and i just typed it randomly and from some links i got the word LOA ….i read about it ….but it was a complete mess for me …. didn’t understand it ..the question was there how can i apply it to know more about it… who will answer my questions…who ? …how ?…when? ….i searched more and i got some links …some blogs ….some groups…from such a group i got 2 links to download ASK AND ITS GIVEN …& LOA THE BASICS OF THE TEACHINGS BY ABRAHAM ….i studied these two books and while studying these two books i felt calm ….felt a kind of relief ….the pain …the anger…that sad and frustrations gone ….that was march when i was totally down and started my new journey and now its may i can feel the change within me … but still some questions are there in my mind …i want to clarify .. i want a clear picture of it …i need your help …i have gone through your blog and its really superb …

    thank you

  5. ANYA says

    Hi Elizabeth!
    Thank you writing the best book on the topic. It is very resourceful and guides in a very easy way. Thank you.
    I am practicing LoA to attract a specific person in my life. I already know him and he told me that he likes me and he wants to marry me only if his parents agree to our marriage. But he doesn’t talk to his parents and also he is getting distant from me. He messages me once – twice in a week and never calls me. But I am using LoA to attract him so that he loves me unconditionally and make efforts to be with me and we end up marrying each other.
    In my past, I have had two relationships, both for 3 years each. From a long time, I wasn’t in touch with both my ex-boyfriends but suddenly both of them contacted me and said that they miss me. And the said they miss me on the same day which is very strange, almost like a miracle. They message ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ as well. And not only this, I am getting new proposals as well, but no word from the one I want. I know he is ‘the one’. How can I make this fall into place?

    Things which I already follow:
    1. Sleep on my side of the bed.
    2. Place for his stuff in cupboards.
    3. Write a gratitude journal (Infact I am doing 28 Day Magical Practices)
    4. Visualize him.
    5. Whenever he texts I reply.
    6. I act as if we are already married.
    7. I am planning everything in my head because he is going to meet me in the last week of this month.

    Thank you for your time to read this and kindly reply. I hope your help will put me on the right track and I shall manifest my dream life with him. Thanks a lot. :)

  6. Kristal Manning says

    I have been praying and thanking God every single day for bringing my fiancé and I closer to the ocean and for bringing us to our dream jobs, etc. I have envisioned specific restaurants and places I want to be with my fiancé in our new town, researching them, picturing us there and being happy and giving thanks and gratitude for it all. Living in a town on the ocean is my ultimate dream and I have found THE town I want us to be and picture it all day.
    My cousin is coming to visit us (where we live now) from about 800 miles away. She was stopping in the state I want to live to stay with a friend, but for some reason, he put her up in a hotel instead.. being on her own and bored, she went exploring around. She somehow ended up at THE exact restaurant and pier on the water that I’ve been envisioning! Of all of the restaurants in all of the world, she posted a video of herself at THE place I’ve been manifesting. I couldn’t believe it. Does this mean anything or is it some weird coincidence? She is literally stuck in the town I want to live in due to the snow storm until tomorrow. I know this has to mean something, but I’m not sure what? I have never spoken to her or anyone else about my manifestations.
    Thank you,

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