How to Create Affirmations that Work

how to create affirmations that work

Creating affirmations is one of the most valuable and easiest ways for you to use the Law of Attraction. As you know, your words are powerful. When you say or write an affirmation with strong feelings, it creates an energetic vibration that draws to you the very essence of … [Read more...]

Guide to Using Music to Raise Your Vibration

music to raise your vibration

Music can raise your vibration to the highest frequency. Whether you want to increase your energy level, lift you out of sadness, or help you have an amazing breakthrough, music can open your heart and soul, helping you to achieve a profound state of joy. Instead of trying … [Read more...]

How Gratitude Can Help You Lose Weight

law of attraction weight loss

The Law of Attraction is based on several universal truths. One of these truths that might not have occurred to you as something that can help you lose weight is gratitude. I'm not talking about being grateful for your new body as if it was already yours now (i.e., acting as … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Manifesting Signs

manifesting signs

You want to see signs that your dream is manifesting... You want signs that the Law of Attraction is working for you... You want the comfort of knowing that what you want is coming... But what if these manifesting signs aren't telling you what you think they … [Read more...]