How Gratitude Can Help You Lose Weight

law of attraction weight loss

The Law of Attraction is based on several universal truths. One of these truths that might not have occurred to you as something that can help you lose weight is gratitude. I'm not talking about being grateful for your new body as if it was already yours now (i.e., acting as … [Read more...]

Abraham Hicks Quotes on the Law of Attraction

abraham hicks quotes

Abraham Hicks is unquestionably one of the leading teachers of the Law of Attraction. Since the 1980's, they have guided millions of people around the world on how to produce profound transformations in their lives. Their Law of Attraction teachings can be found in CDs, books, … [Read more...]

3 Simple Steps to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

stop sabotaging yourself

Sometimes you are your worst enemy. You may find that you aren't moving in the direction of your dreams, sabotaging yourself with negative thoughts, fears, poor behavior, or a combination of these. It's unfortunate, but... Even when you have the best intentions and try … [Read more...]

My New Life Story: A Confession

new life story

When I was a child, I thought our purpose in life was to be happy. Somewhere along the way, I lost that part of me. I lost track of some of the things I teach here. I started doing what I thought I should do. I started caring about whether or not others liked it. I … [Read more...]